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Axie King of the Arena
Axie Sage of the Arena
Axie Star of the Arena
Axie Elite of the Arena
SkyWeaver Master Weaver
YGGSPL Esports Diamond Master
YGGSPL Esports Gold Master
YGGSPL Esports Silver Master
YGGSPL Esports Bronze Master
BigTime 1st
BigTime 2nd
BigTime 3rd
Guild of Guardians Mercenary
Guild of Guardians Knight
Guild of Guardians Vassal
Blocklords Knight of the Round Table
My Pet Hooligan Urban Climber
YGG Founders' Fortune
Gods Unchained Acolyte
Gods Unchained Idol
Gods Unchained Nephilim
Protector of the Realm
Guardian of the realm
Knight of the realm
Knight of the round table I
Creator of the realm
Mage of the realm
Wizard of the realm
High wizard of the court I
Artificer I
Engineer I
Jester I
Launched Game Ambassador
Unlaunched Game Ambassador
Game Helper
Master Game Tester (High-tier quest)
Game Tester (Low-tier quest)
Cyball Striker
Cyball Anchor
Cyball Winger
Cyball Goalie 1
Cyball Goalie 2
Cyball Goalie 3
Cyball Rookie
Cyball Scholar S2
Fancy Birds Scholar
Fancy Birds Creator
Axie Beginner Scholar
Axie Advance Scholar
Axie Expert Scholar
Axie Challenger Scholar
Axie Hustlers
Axie Elite Scholar
Axie Event Menuisier
Axie Diligent Scholar
Axie General
Axie Guru
Axie Captain
Axie Premier
Axie Marshall
Axie Dynamic Manager
Axie Diligent Manager
Axie Mentor
Axie Builder
YGG Castle Crush Skull King
YGG Castle Crush Valkyrie
YGG Castle Crush Archer
YGG Castle Crush Black Knight
YGG Castle Crush Executioner
YGG Castle Crush Orc Warrior
YGG Castle Crush Jester
LoV Legendary Seeker
LoV Master Tamer
LoV Apprentice Tamer
LoV Caerras Explorer
LoV Caerras Wanderer
LoV Seeker Guildsman
LoV Caerras Citizen
Big Time Mythical Knight
Big Time Legendary Knight
Big Time Knight
Big Time Guild Member S2
Big Time Squad Leaderboard T1
Big Time Squad Leaderboard T2
Big Time Squad Leaderboard T3
Big Time YGG Merchant Specialist Legendary Prospector
Big Time YGG Merchant Specialist Epic Prospector
Big Time YGG Merchant Specialist Rare Prospector
Big Time Engineer
Genopets Habitate Engineer
LoK Squire I
LoK Squire II
LoK Squire III
LoK Lieutenant
LoK Commander I
LoK Commander II
LoK Commander III
LoK Grand cross I
LoK Grand cross II
LoK Grand cross III
LoK Mythic Kingdom
LoK Troop Master
LoK CvC Legend
LoK CvC Mythic
YGGSPL Subdao Leadership
YGGSPL Community Builder
YGGSPL Recruit
YGGSPL Warrior
YGGSPL Commando
Blacksmith of the Realm
Metaversity Creator
Metaversity Graduate
Armor of Valor
YGG Core Team

Welcome to Season 2 of
YGG's Guild Advancement Program!

Please see this medium blog post for more information or contact the quest giver for information about a specific achievement.

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